Review and Outlook

Together we are better!

Given the circumstances with pandemic and global supply shortages, the economy performed unexpectedly well in 2021. It is amazing how adaptable the economy has been in the face of faltering supply chains, sudden shortages of individual goods and a never-ending string of bad news. Despite this global view, circumstances have taken their toll. Just a year ago, we hoped to have COVID-19 under control in 2021. We now have to realize that it is rather the other way round, the virus has us in its grip. Not everyone has been able to realign themselves in the meantime or has managed their turnaround. The impact on individuals is tough.

What I have noticed throughout the year and especially in ethics functions is that mutual tolerance has suffered considerably, and people are willing to accept the harm of others for their own interests. On the other hand, conflicts are increasingly being dealt with openly and by calling on many authorities, even if this obviously does not help either party. It shows how fragile our society has become, how much individuals suffer from population density and divergence. The border zones where others are affected by personal behavior have become much narrower. More mutual understanding and acceptance was needed. I sincerely hope that we can get our act together in this regard. Ethics cannot be outsourced, it starts in one's own being.

A strengthened and healthy society is the basis for the well-being of everyone involved. I am happy to call for cooperation here as well. With joint efforts, we can create the basis for the strengthening of our individual freedoms. This can also include not using certain techniques in order not to suppress the creativity and individuality of individuals. For example, the use of facial recognition for mass surveillance in public spaces. IT is and remains a challenging balancing act between innovation and social welfare.

Personally, I also used the past 2021 to broaden my personal horizons and went to school. Living lifelong learning intensely for once, focusing one's conditioned brain cells on the lecturers' thinking, on working through individual topics together, and on exchanging ideas with other students can be so refreshing! I am definitely looking forward to incorporating my in-depth knowledge from the CAS Information-Security Management into my projects.

Together we are better! Together with you, I will gladly take on the challenges of 2022 and work out the best possible solutions.

In this sense: All the best for the common and constructive 2022!

Best Regards
Adrian Hüssy