Review and Outlook

 Let's do it!

2020 was indeed a special year. Some also say "A year to forget!". While I understand the displeasure with the limitations, disadvantages and suffering of this COVID year, I wish that it will not be forgotten after - hopefully soon - normalisation. It is part of our history - though Voltaire declared his reservations there too: "History is the lie agreed upon." It would be nice if our fresh memories do not fade so quickly, if we learn our lessons and recognise the lies and "fake news" as such, even if the virus then loses importance.

Not to forget that despite all the negatives, circumstances also gave us some positives. Who would have thought that we could so quickly convert most of our economy to work at home and schools to school at home? Who would have thought that toilet paper would suddenly become the most sought-after (available) item, that the vernacular would adopt new words such as systemically relevant, task force and mask wearing, that environmental pollution could be reduced in such short time?
Let us seize the opportunity, learn our lessons and use the new insights as a lifting pole for our further development. Crises always offer the opportunity to improve. A person who has fallen down can easily redirect his direction of travel, much easily than a runner at full speed.

I look forward to continuing to support you in solving interesting challenges in 2021.

Best Regards
Adrian Hüssy